Success Strategies

01 Feb Team Building: Thinking Outside The Box

Pressurized by deadlines and employee-unfriendly workload, workers have to be treated in a humane way by their managers. Their productivity will be much higher is they are exposed to a combination of work and rest. This is why team building is extremely important for every business, no matter how large or small it might be. However, instead of going down the traditional road of paintball and rafting, business owners should try alternative team building activities, like some of the following ones.

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21 Jan Home Office Security: The Essentials

Working from home, i.e. telecommuting, can bring numerous advantages to people who work that way. You can make your own workday schedule and find enough time for work, friends and some time for your private activities, as well. However, there are also many little details that you have to sort out all by yourself. Apart from the issues of space organization and time management, the most important feature of every home office is the aspect of security.

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