3 Vital Cover Letter Tips

3 Vital Cover Letter Tips

13 Aug 3 Vital Cover Letter Tips

Succeeding in today’s job market requires you to make all of your applications perfect. Employers receive thousands of applicants for each position, and hiring managers do not have time to go over every single word just to see if you make a good applicant. Cover letters are part of the application, which means that you need to adhere to the following cover letter tips in order to make sure your application is acceptable.

Cover Letter Tips

• Keep it Short

Cover letters should be limited to one page for all basic cover letters (cover letters for non-executive/management jobs). This is one of the most forgotten cover letter tips – many applicants like the idea of going on and on in order to convince the employer they make a great applicant, but hiring managers rarely read every word of the cover letter and that increased length is going to scare them away.

• Keep it Limited to Important Information

Young applicants tend to overvalue their life experiences. If you are applying for a job at Microsoft, the employer doesn’t care that you worked at McDonalds or that you had a blog about how cool the Zune is. They care about relevant work experience that truly makes you qualified for the role. Make sure that everything you place in your cover letter is important to the job, not just important to you.

• Follow Standard Cover Letter Tips and Setup

There was once a day where playing around with cover letter style could get you noticed. However because there are so many thousands of applicants in today’s economy, it is extremely difficult to get your cover letter to stand out. Instead, the best course of action is to follow standard cover letter setup exactly as it is described. Stand out with your resume and qualifications, not your cover letter.

Utilizing Cover Letter Tips

Some employers find the cover letter to be one of the most important parts of the resume. Some employers find cover letters to be useless. Regardless of the employer’s stance, it is always a good idea to write a fantastic cover letter to show the employer that you understand the standard rules of applications. Following the above cover letter tips will go a long way towards improving the success of the letter and your resume.

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