Online Reputation Expertise: Defining Your Future

05 Jun Online Reputation Expertise: Defining Your Future

Herman Tumurcuoglu, internationally known online reputationexpert has begun teaching at colleges and universities in Montreal to educate young entrepreneurs about their digital footprint. If they have not already began one, their digital footprint is among billions of others. However, they may not yet realize the impact of their actions online. The online reputation expert is teaching in hopes that young entrepreneurs will understand that what they post online is there forever. Although some believe it can be deleted, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort. In his twenty plus years of reputation management consulting, Tumurcuoglu has come across many cases. However, the majority of them were about careless action and ignorance that resulted in a poor online reputation.

Defining your future starts with the image and impression you put out there. With the increasing power of the Internet and digital dependency, Millennials need to understand that their first impressions are no longer in person. Their first impressions are digital. For that reason, they need to plan. One of the many strategies the online reputation expert teaches his students to manage their online reputations is planning. Plan what you will post ahead of time. Using tools like Hootsuite will make sure that young people do not post impulsively. Impulsive posting can be unprofessional and ruin your career. Especially if the content gets shared because it is no longer in your hands.

To learn more techniques that Tumurcuoglu teaches in his classes, contact him directly using the link provided above.

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