Online Reputation Repair: Your Credit Reputation

04 Jun Online Reputation Repair: Your Credit Reputation

There are many forms of reputations out there. Although the Online Reputation Repair specializes in online reputations, the company also consults on how to actively manage your physical reputation, credited reputation, and other reputations to plan for the future. Having a poor reputation can impact whether you receive loans or get approved for loans, get job and career opportunities, and much much more. One of the types of reputations that individuals need to watch out for credited reputation. If they do not justify their finances and actively manage their credit, their credit reputation will not be respectable by banks and wealth management firms.

Among the decisions that affect credit that the Online Reputation Repair has consulted on, mortgage payment decisions were the most complex. The advantages of paying a mortgage over 15 years rather than 25 years are that you pay it down faster by contributing more to the actual purchase (capital) and less to the interest that you owe the bank. In simple terms, you will own your house faster. Additionally, if you would like to remortgage when you pay off your house quicker, you have that opportunity to go borrow money afterwards and invest it or buy another property (leverage).  Lastly, by paying it faster, you are gaining two weeks to a month on interest. However, this could be a disadvantage for people who do not have cash flow as their weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments are significantly higher.

For more information on how to actively manage your reputation in all aspects of your life, contact the Online Reputation Repair company today.

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