How and When To Grow Your Company’s Accounting Function

22 Apr How and When To Grow Your Company’s Accounting Function

The area of company finances is one that’s often shrouded in mystery, with many business owners believing that company information on other companies is simply not possible to get. However, thanks to a wealth of Companies House information being on the public register – this is not the case.

Company information, and company accounts information in particular is actually very easy to get – and at minimal cost too.

Companies House checks or company checks through company search services allow you to get a large amount of company information – ideal if you’re:

  • Considering partnering with another business
  • About to accept a large order from another business
  • About to place a large order with another business
  • Keeping tabs on a competitor
  • Just feeling nosey

What’s more, these company checks are completely anonymous – no one from the company that is being looked into will ever know that you were completing research on them.

Companies House checks and company checks can typically provide you with the following information:

General company information (such as number, type, registered office, SIC code)

  • Credit risk overview
  • Financials overview
  • People overview
  • Group structure
  • List of documents filed

The list of documents filed is where completing company checks can get very interesting. This means you can see virtually every document a company has ever filed with Companies House, including trivial documents – such as a company director updating their service address – to extremely revealing documents such as… company accounts.

This means all the information that company directors may not want you to know, is actually available.

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