Storm International – New Project Of Ukraine and Their Demand

12 Apr Storm International – New Project Of Ukraine and Their Demand

Darren Keane Storm International is one of the biggest gaming as well as Entertainment facility Company. Company runs their business in many different countries such as Germany, Georgia, Armenia etc. In a recent meeting, it has announced to expand their business and are interested to invest as well as open a gaming as well as entertainment complex in Ukraine. But company said that they will only open their complex in Ukraine if government of Ukraine supports them by providing proper licensing, legislation, as well as considerable tax rates.

However, talks look positive because Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, himself showed his desire to open the best possible gates for the storm international to open their business in Ukraine. After the support of prime minister two meeting were held in Kiev by the company as well as government officials, so that they can reach at a point of agreement. In the meeting, it is expected that government officials said that they can do amendment in law and also form independent gaming commission whose work is to close all the illegal casinos along taking care of law and licensing.

According to Darren Keane – wikileaks, he said that in Ukraine he sees a very wide as well as potential market of gaming and entertainment in Ukraine. But he also accepts that storm international is also well aware with the challenges and risks that they might face in the Ukraine market. This is because country is not in the very right place in terms of its economic condition and more than that it is surrounded by a country where gaming and entertainment industry is already developed and earn great amount of profit. So, foreigners are very less likely to come to Ukraine for the purpose of gaming facility but he said that locals can participate well and have potential to show their support to storm international entertainment as well as gaming complexes.

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